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Diesel Fuel Oil Sales Show Only Gain For September

Sales decreased for six of seven major refined product groups in September -- with only diesel fuel oil continuing its steady performance -- to put the overall total down by 4.6% compared to 2004, Statistics Canada reports.

September’s sales were just under 8.09 million cubic metres versus about 8.48 million cubic metres last year.

For the nine months, StatsCan data showed overall sales at about 75.84 million cubic metres were down by just 0.5% compared to 72.22 million cubic metres in 2004.

Diesel fuel oil sales continued to be the only major product group to show an improvement every month this year compared to 2004.

Sales of diesel fuel oil increased by 3.8% for September in rising by 84 000 cubic metres to just over 3.32 million cubic metres compared to about 2.24 million cubic metres last year.

StatsCan data showed nine-month diesel fuel sales of just under 19.64 million cubic metres were up by 5.8% versus 18.55 million cubic metres in 2004.

Meanwhile, monthly motor gasoline sales have either only slightly decreased or showed modest increases compared to 2004, despite pump prices that have risen to unprecedented levels in all areas of Canada this year.

While some grades of gasoline managed to increase slightly in certain months, sales of regular non-leaded, mid-grade and premium qualities all declined in September.

Overall, gasoline sales amounted to 3.27 million cubic metres in September, down 3.7% compared or 126 900 cubic metres to just under 3.4 million cubic metres in 2004, according to StatsCan.

Sales of regular, non-leaded gasoline, mid-grade and premium grade gasoline declined by 2.3%, 11.4% and 16.6% respectively compared to September 2004.

At just over 30.66 million cubic metres, gasoline sales for the nine months were down by 0.1% versus 30.68 million cubic metres last year.

On a monthly basis, the biggest percentage decline compared to September 2004 involved petrochemical feedstocks -- materials produced by refineries for making chemicals, synthetic rubber and a variety of plastics -- in falling by 37.1% to 202 400 cubic metres from 321 900 cubic metres last year.

Sales of petrochemical feedstocks for the nine months also showed the biggest percentage decline in falling by 14.2% to just under 3.29 million cubic metres from 3.83 million cubic metres in 2004, StatsCan reported.

For the nine months, sales were down for five of the seven major product groups, with deals involving aviation turbo fuels showing the only other increase in rising by 0.3% to just under 4.92 million cubic metres from 4.9 million cubic metres last year.

(Statistics Canada information is used with the permission of Statistics Canada. Information on the availability of the wide range of data from Statistics Canada can be obtained from Statistics Canada’s regional offices, its World Wide Web site at and its toll free access number 1-800-263-1136).

Canadian Sales of Refined Petroleum Products

thousands of cubic metres % change

Sept. 2004(r) Sept. 2005(p) Sept. 2004 to

Sept. 2005
Total, all products 8 478.7 8 085.5 -4.6
Motor gasoline 3 396.9 3 270.0 -3.7
Diesel fuel oil 2 238.0 2 322.0 3.8
Light fuel oil 256.8 221.6 -13.7
Heavy fuel oil 711.4 648.6 -8.8
Aviation turbo fuels 579.7 565.9 -2.4
Petrochemical feedstocks(1) 321.9 202.4 -37.1
All other refined products 974.0 855.0 -12.2

Jan.-Sept. Jan.-Sept. Jan.-Sept. 2004

2004(r) 2005(p) to Jan.-Sept. 2005
Total, all products 72 220.6 75 838.4 -0.5
Motor gasoline 30 682.5 30 662.6 -0.1
Diesel fuel oil 18 554.2 19 637.1 5.8
Light fuel oil 3 706.4 3 289.0 -11.3
Heavy fuel oil 6 070.2 5 944.9 -2.1
Aviation turbo fuels 4 904.5 4 918.5 0.3
Petrochemical feedstocks(1) 3 831.2 3 287.7 -14.2
All other refined products 8 471.6 8 098.6 -4.4

r Revised p Preliminary
(1) Materials produced by refineries that are used by the petrochemical industry to
produce chemicals, synthetic rubber and a variety of plastics.
Adapted from Statistics Canada Domestic Sale of
Refined Petroleum Products, Publication # 45-004
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